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Home Internet Service

LigTel Communications offers many options for High-speed internet service throughout northeastern Indiana. LigTel offers services in Noble, Lagrange, Elkhart, Kosciusko, Whitley, Dekalb and Steuben Counties.

Fiber Internet

LigTel Communications has built a state-of-the-art fiber network throughout Noble County. Fiber high-speed Internet services are available for your home in Ligonier, Wawaka, and Cosperville. Don't see your area listed, more locations are being added to fiber services. You can learn more by checking out our high-speed wireless Internet service.

1 GIG $199.95/mo
  • 1000 Mb Download
  • 100 Mb Upload
1/2 GIG $149.95/mo
  • 500 Mb Download
  • 100 Mb Upload
1/4 GIG $99.95/mo
  • 250 Mb Download
  • 50 Mb Upload
100 MB $69.95/mo
  • 100 Mb Download
  • 25 Mb Upload
50 MB $44.95/mo
  • 50 Mb Download
  • 10 Mb Upload

Wireless Internet

LigTel Communications offers high-speed wireless internet service, no phone line required. LigTel will place a radio at your home that receives a signal from our tower. A cable is run from the radio to your computer or router. High-speed wireless internet service is available in available in Noble, LaGrange, Kosciusko, Elkhart, Whitley, DeKalb & Steuben Counties.

10 Mb $99.95/mo
  • 10 Mb Download
  • 2 Mb Upload
  • $56.00 Install fee with 1 year commitment
7 Mb $89.95/mo
  • 7 Mb Download
  • 2 Mb Upload
  • $56.00 Install fee with 1 year commitment
3 Mb $64.95/mo
  • 3 Mb Download
  • 1 Mb Upload
  • $56.00 Install fee with 1 year commitment
1 MB $44.95/mo
  • 1.0 Mb Download
  • 512 Kb Upload
  • $56.00 Install fee with 1 year commitment


LigTel Communications offers DSL high-speed internet service to areas of Ligonier that have not yet had fiber Internet service built to them. DSL highspeed internet services are available for your home in Ligonier. Not sure if you can get DSL service from LigTel Communications? Contact Us. You can also check out our fiber Internet service or our highspeed wireless Internet service.

  • 3.0 Mb Download
  • 512 Kb Upload
  • 4 LigTel Email addresses
FIRELINE DSL $49.95 /mo
  • 1.5 Mb Download
  • 256 Kb Upload
  • 4 LigTel Email addresses
  • 768 Kb Download
  • 128 Kb Upload
  • 2 LigTel Email addresses

Web Hosting

Have a website and need someone to host it for you? LigTel can do it for you! We offer three web hosting options for your convenience.

Feature Basic
Web Storage 1 GB
Bandwidth Transfer 20 GB/mo
Email Aliases Unlimited
Control Panel Yes
Sub Domains Unlimited
Parked Domains No
Add-on Domains No
Shopping Cart No
Chat No
Bulletin Board No
Real Audio / Video No
Shockwave / Flash No
Fantastico Tools Yes
Website Builder Yes
Frontpage Extensions Yes
Programming Languages Perl, PHPPHP
Nuke Yes
Preconfig CGI Scripts Yes
Spam Protection Yes
Virus Scanning Yes
Webalyzer Yes
Anonymous FTP Yes
Cost $10.00/mo

Net Manager

The speed of the Internet delivered to your home is one factor in your online experience. There are many other factors that can impact your service quality. They include the quality and maintenance of your Internet enabled devices, the number of devices sharing the connection, what those devices are being used for and the router that makes a wireless network even possible in your home.

LigTel is introducing a new service option designed to make the most of the Internet connection delivered to your home or business. Our new, managed WiFi service is called Net Manager, and it offers numerous benefits for only $5.00 per month.

Net Manager improves and expands the WiFi service in your home, allows you to set data limits on each device connected to your wireless network and set parental controls for inappropriate content.

Speeds are not guaranteed 100% of the time. Speeds may vary based on network conditions. Speeds listed are maximum for package.


About Us

At LigTel, we're friendly local faces - Ligonier and Hoosier - state proud! - committed to serving the people of Noble, Lagrange, Elkhart, Dekalb, Steuben, Kosciusko, and Whitley counties here in northern Indiana.

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